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President's Message

Energy of Life

President Ryosho Tanigama

For more than 120 years, Nippon Sport Science University has fostered human beings capable of enjoying the happiness of a healthy mind and body. With a mission to encourage and promote national physical education, the University has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the health and physical strength of the nation. In addition, the University has introduced sport culture that originated in the West, and has helped to make sports popular in Japan through the encouragement and promotion of this sport culture.

While playing and watching sports and supporting players, we can enjoy friendships, share emotional experiences, and have a deep sense of empathy. At such times, we have a feeling of living and being alive. We all face the "four inevitables" of life (birth, aging, sickness, and death) and it is therefore important for us to live our limited lives in the best way possible. The health of the mind and body must be ensured, and the lives being led by everyone must be bright and energetic. To this end, if we can make sports accessible, then we can enjoy them every day.

From this perspective, the University has prospered through the years by encouraging the people of the nation to live meaningful lives. Embodying the motto of our mission and vision provides a means by which life can be energetic and spent in the service of others. I will carry on the tradition of national health education that is part of the mission of the University, and create a new history of enriching life through sports while rising to the needs of the age.


Ryosho Tanigama, Ph. D.



Born in

Shikamachi, Hakuigun, Ishikawa

Field of Specialization

Sport history

Academic Degree

Doctor (Health and Sport Science)

Biographical Data

* The upper table lists university achievements, while the lower table lists academic and social achievements.

1972 Graduated from the Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education, Nippon College of Physical Education
1975 Completed Master Course of School of Physical Education, Graduate School of Tokyo University of Education (master of physical education)
1988 Associate professor, Faculty of Physical Education, Nippon College of Physical Education
1995 Professor, Nippon College of Physical Education
1998 Chief librarian, Nippon Sport Science University (until June 2001)
2001 Director of the President's Office, Nippon Sport Science University (until March 2005)

Received a doctorate (Health and Sport Science) from Nippon Sport Science University
2006 Dean, Faculty of Sport Science, Nippon Sport Science University (until July 2007)
1981 Commissioner, Japan Olympic Academy (until November 1985)
1987 Commissioner, The Japan Society of Sport History (November 1987 to March 1990, April 1993 to March 1994)
1993 Commissioner, Japan Society of Sport Movement and Behavior (to date)
2007 Committee member, Commission on Fundamental Plan for Top Athlete Training School (chairperson: until July 2007)

※In 1996, Nippon College of Physical Education was renamed Nippon Sport Science University
※In 1996, Faculty of Physical Education was renamed Faculty of Sport Science