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To help broaden students’ horizons, NSSU participates in international exchange programs covering overseas training and student exchanges. Improving language skills, while experiencing the latest sports technologies outside their own country, helps students gain new perspectives and find new possibilities.

Sports Exchange

Every year, many of our student clubs and circles organize training and competitions with athletes outside Japan, while accepting overseas groups.
We also send athletes and managers to the Olympics and other major international sporting events. NSSU contributes to world peace through international sports exchanges.

Demonstrating traditional Japanese arts overseas

The purpose of this program is to spread the knowledge of traditional Japanese martial and performing arts around the world, and in that way promote them.
For students in NSSU’ s Japanese martial arts department, these occasions provide excellent opportunities to demonstrate and teach the techniques and theories they have learned to the people in host countries.
These experiences bring to NSSU students the basics needed for teaching traditional Japanese arts to others as leaders and educators.
During this process, the students also gain international perspectives in their particular fields.