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Campus Information & Facilities

Department of Sport Studies for International Community

The Department of Sport Studies for International Community will help students to deepen knowledge and techniques of International cooperation, International exchange, and development aid through sports, and improve skills of International coaching based on Japanese mental culture. In addition, the Department of Sport Studies for International Community will meet the demands of the present age that universities should have the function of social contribution as well as education and study: We offer the curriculum for cultivation of students' characters and improvement of skills to make a social contribution through sports all over the world.

Features of Department of Sport Studies for International Community

Studies of Sports Culture

Based on the assumption that "Sport is a universal culture common to people of all over the world" (preamble of "the Basic Act on Sport"), core courses (theory) are designed to help students learn perspectives, ways of thinking, and methods of understanding cultural relativity. For example, students can take courses such as "Introduction to Sport Studies for International Community," "Theory of Sport Fieldwork," "Cultural Theory of Sport in Asia," "Cultural Theory of Sport in the West," and "Theory of New Sport."

Application of Knowledge / Practicum Abroad

In core courses (practice), students are required to take "Practicum of Sport Fieldwork" and "Practice of New Sport" so that they can apply their knowledge acquired in core courses (theory) into practice. In addition to these required courses, "International Practicum of Sport" and "International Assistance Practicum of Sport" are offered so that students have a chance to experience fieldwork of sport assistance abroad.

Pursuit of Academic Curiosity

In expansion courses (theory), students deepen the academic focuses of core courses (theory) and expand them into the closely related fields. Expansion courses (practice) provide learning opportunities that stimulate students' curiosity with various experiences such as: techniques to express inner self using one's body; acquire arts and skills to teach sports abroad without using any tools; sports experience included in the concept of ethnic sports.