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Faculty of Medical Science

Developing Professionals in Medicine with Specialized Sports Science Knowledge

Building on NSSU's unique knowledge and practicality accumulated through scienti c research in sports science, this faculty develops professionals who can apply their knowledge to judo therapy and emergency medical care.

The goal of this course is to educate people who can contribute to global society as medical workers with advanced medical knowledge and techniques.

Students in the Department of Judo Therapy and Medical Science can become judo therapists (national qualification) and students in the Department of Emergency Medical Science can become emergency paramedics. Both jobs require a high degree of responsibility and contribute to medicine.
Our Faculty of Medical Science has some of the best professors in Japan. It educates students to become medical workers with the ability to make accurate decisions based on scientific reasoning, gives them training in advanced medical knowledge and techniques, and also gives them education to become compassionate and kind enough to understand the pain of others.


Department of Judo Therapy and Medical Science

Acquiring traditional Japanese medical techniques according to modern medical practices

Department of Emergency Medical Science

Aiming to become emergency paramedics, emergency medical workers, researchers or instructors

What kind of individuals are we hoping to produce?

Person who can contribute to improving the quality of life (QOL) of patients as professionals with national qualifications, advanced specialized knowledge and clinical techniques that conform to modern medicine or as professionals with national qualifications who have the necessary skills and consciousness to work as emergency medical workers