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Department of Emergency Medical Science

Features of Department of Judo Therapy and Medical Science

Scenes from the classroom

Medical Humanities

Introduction to Social Work A

This course teaches "medical ethics," such as the mental attitude of medical personnel.

After receiving an overview of this history of medicine and treatments, students will be asked to study about the nature of health, who medicine and treatment is for and other questions. Students will learn about the true nature of medical treatment from the point of view of various aspects of modern problems, such as the ethics of life, views of life and death, patient rights and informed consent, medical malpractice and court cases.

Rescue Act for Lifesaving

Practical Counseling and Support I

Students will learn about the true state of accidents and rescue and lifesaving organizations, and then they will learn skills necessary for rescue and lifesaving.

In addition to learning about rescue and lifesaving organizations from past cases and disaster prevention plans, students will also learn rescue and lifesaving techniques that are necessary during disasters or for when people are in distress on the sea or in the mountains, such as cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and first aid.

Introduction of emergency technics

Sports Medicine

This course teaches the basic qualities and skills necessary for emergency situations.

This course teaches the meaning of quick overall and local observation of injured and ill persons in emergency situations, and the appropriate treatment when irregularities are discovered. Students will learn from actual case examples how to conduct on-location simple examinations, first aid, triage when there are many victims, negotiating with hospitals to accept patients, and the like.