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Principles of Judo Therapy & Traumatology I (Fractures)

Introduction to Social Work A

This course will teach students knowledge about bones and motor systems, and give them a general understanding about traumatology (fractures).

In addition to general bone structure, learning opportunities will be given to students, if necessary, through dissection of the motor system, including joints and ligaments. With respect to general fractures, the categories, symptoms, complications, and treatment methods will be taught in order to impart the knowledge necessary for treatment of fractures.


Practical Counseling and Support I

This course teaches the basic judo techniques in order to help maintain health and improve strength.

An understanding of classic judo ethics is taught through judo practice.
This course cultivates the character of the students by having them learn the etiquette of judo, so that they can become medical workers who can contribute to society.

Locomotive Organ Injury Therapy Practicum I (Bandaging)

Sports Medicine

This course teaches the bandaging techniques that are indispensable for treating fractures and dislocated joints.

After learning about the names and types of bandages, the students will learn about the rolled bandage techniques used by judo therapists from the basics. In addition, the techniques necessary for judo therapist treatment, such as knowledge about special bandages and stabilizing joints with various types of splints, will also be taught.