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Department of Sport Management

The department trains businesspeople with a deep understanding of the extent of the sports industry and athletes.

In an era when international sporting events attract large audiences, the exploits of top athletes increase the athlete population and the number of facilities, in addition to promoting the development and sale of sporting goods and the staging of related events. In order to maximize such economic value of sports, the Department of Sports Management will develop human resources able to create sports business from an athlete’s perspective with an understanding of laws and economic activities related to sport.

Features of Department of Sport Management

1. Understanding sport management

Businesses related to the sports industry, such as sporting events, sporting goods, sports facilities, professional sports, and sports media are spreading worldwide. The Department of Sport Management equips students with the knowledge and skills required to manage these sports businesses through foundation courses that include Sport Management, Sport Industry I, Sport Business, and Sport Marketing.

2. Educating sports industry leaders of tomorrow

With Japan aiming to expand the sports market and turn sports into a growth sector, there is increasing demand for individuals with the ability to generate new businesses. Intermediate courses such as Management of Sport Facility, Mega Sport Event, and Leisure Management equip students with the management skills required to succeed in the sports business.

3. Sports business field training

The Department of Sport Management offers Seminar of Sport Business and Practical Training for Sport Business to provide students with the skills to put sport management theory into practice. Through practical experience in the field of sports business, students learn to identify issues and come up with potential solutions. The seminar and training course allow students to envision their career after graduation.