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Department of Sport Life Management

The department will develop human resources with an understanding of the public nature of sport to take the initiative in leading movements aimed at promoting health.

Faced with anaging society, maintaining and improving the health of the people is a critical issue that will determine the future of Japan. The creation of communities outside the workplace is also essential for lifelong happiness. With the aim of resolving issues such as these, the Department of Sports Life Management will develop human resources able to lead by example in exercises that match the life stage of each citizen by utilizing the public nature of enjoying sports in a group.

Features of Department of Sport Life Management

1. Promoting community health

The Department of Sport Life Management provides students with the knowledge and skills to help all types of people -- including children, the elderly, and the disabled -- to lead a healthy life in terms of mind and body throughout their lifetime. The program also promotes the creation of systems and environments to spread health and sports, and equips students with the skills to plan and instruct physical activities that match the life stage of citizens of all ages and abilities.

2. Building communities

Students are provided with the skills to optimize the public nature and unifying power of sports, and use sports as a medium to promote the development of local communities based on mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships. To ease the challenges of an aging society and contribute to society, individuals provide their support in places like comprehensive community sports clubs advocated by the Japanese government and help retirees enhance their quality of life through sports.

3. Leading movements aimed at promoting health and sports

In addition to promoting sport as a natural way to maintain health by planning and implementing recreational activities, rhythmic exercise and other physical activities matching the life stage of each citizen, students also develop the skills to lead these activities and enhance athletic performance in various sports. These skills enable students to play the role of lifelong learning instructors in their communities.