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Course of Early Childhood Education

NSSU's learning & Future vision
Becoming a high quality educator who is motivated by children's smiles

Teachers for children in the early childhood years must have a high degree of expertise in specialized subjects, and must be able to provide total support for the development of children, including emotional development. In order to give comprehensive instruction and support that is appropriate for the development level of children and not only help build their bodies through play and exercise, a wide range of knowledge and practical skills are indispensable. This course includes many opportunities to practice, so students are encouraged to acquire the broad scope and patience necessary for kindergarten teachers and nursery school instructors.

Types of graduates

Young children educators and care providers who have good instruction skills in physical exercise and physical play

Although building strong bodies and physical play are being promoted in educational institutions and nursery schools, in many cases they are being left to extracurricular activities, such as sports clubs and exercise classes conducted by specialized external organizations. Because of this situation, the aim of this course is to develop full-time kindergarten teachers and care providers who can give children instruction on building their bodies and physical play that are suitable for their development.

Instructors who are well versed in instructing healthy lifestyles and can provide total support for the development of children

This course educates students to become kindergarten teachers, care givers or instructors working in health related industries that can provide instruction and support for the comprehensive development of children. To achieve this, the following are taught: A strong understanding of the growth, development and education of children; specialized instruction ability to instruct healthy lifestyles; food and nutrition; and basic knowledge for the care of children with disabilities and children who are hospitalized.

Scenes from the classroom


Introduction to Social Work A

Students learn the basics and theory of dance, so that they can increase their joy and expression.

Students learn the basic techniques and theories required for dance. The goal is for students to become able to do the actual dances that are taught in schools, such as expression play, expression rhythm play, expression exercises, original dance, folk dance, and the like.

Physical Education for Infants

Practical Counseling and Support I

This course fosters the development of "the ability to create play" according to the abilities of the children.

Understanding and experiencing the importance of play and exercise for infants.
The point is for students to be able to freely manipulate their own bodies as care givers, while sufficiently understanding the physical features of children, considering safety, and acquiring the ability to develop fun exercise play.


Sports Medicine

The goal is to become skillful enough as a method to teach children many different songs.

At teaching practice in kindergartens, in many cases student-teachers are handed sheets of music that they will be asked to practice. Therefore, practice will center on seasonal songs, songs for events and other similar songs that are likely to be useful during teaching practice.