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Course of Childhood Sport Education

NSSU's learning & Future vision
Pursuing the fun and possibilities of physical education together with children

Because of the changes in the social environment and lifestyles, there are fewer places and hours to play, and fewer playmates for children today, so that improving the opportunities for children to become involved in sports is important. Building a physical foundation during the childhood years and experiencing relations with others through organized sports can have a profound effect on human development.
Use this course to learn the specialized knowledge and practical educational skills necessary to teach children the joy of using their bodies and sports.。

Types of graduates

Elementary school teachers who contribute to the vitalization of school educational activities

This course educates students to become elementary school teachers with highly specialized skills not only for teaching classes, but also for giving physical education and health instruction, instruction on physical education activities and club activities, and to contribute to the physical strength of all of the students in a school. Also, students are expected to be active as specialty teachers of physical education or physical education activity coordinators.

Specialists both in instructing children to building stronger bodies and in instructing sports

This course educates students to become specialists with the knowledge and skills to help children build their bodies and enjoy sports, and provide support for healthy lifestyles at local playgrounds, children's activity centers, after-school care programs, sports clubs, boys' and girls' sports clubs, integrated local sports clubs, and the like.

Scenes from the classroom

Sports Coaching for Children

Introduction to Social Work A

This course examines the role of coaching and skills necessary to coach children in children's sports.

This course uses the fundamentals on coaching and developing athletes, and also the coaching methods for children created based on wisdom from around the world. This course allows students to become leaders having a skill of teaching without planning or preparation in the field of education, instead of just basing their coaching on their own experiences.

Theory of Sport Education for Children

Practical Counseling and Support I

This course teaches the goals and history of sports education, and the principle and rules for giving children physical exercise instruction.

This course teaches the theories and methods related to sports education for children.
The goal is to educate students and get them to understand the goals of sports education, methods to study materials used for various areas of physical education, the principles for actions by teachers, and similar subjects.

Teaching Practice I・Ⅱ(Elementary School )

Sports Medicine

Students learn the practical and varied aspects of public education by "working as a teacher" at a school.

In both courses I and II, students practice for about two weeks to learn about instructing classrooms, teaching specific subjects, giving instruction about school events and other roles that teachers play. They will also learn about the systems and operation of school organizations and their roles within the local communities.
This is a very important class in which students will be able to understand their aptitude for teaching and the tasks that they must confront in order to become teachers.