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Campus Information & Facilities

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Nippon Sport Science University contributes to promoting and developing physical education and sports, and to making our country and society wealthy by nurturing mentally and physically healthy students with outstanding character.
1. We focus on studying the human potential holistically by conducting pioneering research in the field of sport science and putting it into practice to improve citizens’ physical strength and enhance athletes’ competitive abilities internationally.

2. We contribute to maintaining international peace with the power of sports by deepening and developing the sports culture in Japan and promoting the Olympic movement.

3. We produce top athletes as well as individuals who earnestly act as leaders in local communities to create a healthy, rich sports society.
Nippon Sport Science University aims to be a leading university in physical education and sports in Japan, using our original creative educational system and research to realize forthcoming knowledge-based society and promote local development.
We foster mentally and physically mature, strong and cheerful individuals who are ready to excel in all their endeavors.