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Culture and Special Programs

Culture and Special Programs

Nippon Sport Science University has an original approach to generating awareness of what it means to be a student at NSSU in order to encourage students to concentrate on studying and playing sports. Below are some of our distinctive activities which include the handing down of the traditions of the university.

Open Water Ocean Swim

The training camp is held in July every year with three objectives;"to understand the natural environment", "to train mentally and physically" and "to cultivate a cooperative ability in communal life."

Demonstration of Athletic Feats of Skill

Nippon Sport Science University holds a large-scale sports event all over Japan every two years. This is a new type of event which unites physical education and sports with entertainment including "fascinating performances" such as cheerleading, dancing and gymnastics.


"Essassa" is Nippon Sport Science University's original cheer style. It expresses lions howling at the moon. It was created at the dormitory in the gymnastic practice school, which is the predecessor of the current school, and has been continually passed on from seniors to juniors for more than 90 years since the 1920s.

Ebara Taiiku

"Ebara Taiiku" is the cheer style for female students which is similar to the male students' "Essassa". The movement, which is similar to line dancing, is exhilarating. It started around the 1960s and has been passed on to juniors by the senior students who live in the women's dormitory.