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International Exchanges

Sports ExchangeExchange Student Program

Nippon Sport Science University actively promotes overseas training, foreign exchanges and international sports exchanges for students to broaden their horizons. Students are able to gain valuable experiences by observing sports and advanced physical education activities as well as practicing their language skills by visiting overseas.

Sports Exchange

Many clubs and teams go overseas for training camps and games every year. We send athletes and officers to the Olympics and international competitions. We also welcome groups from overseas.

Exchange Student Program

Nippon Sport Science University has been exchanging students with “German Sport University Cologne” in Germany, “Beijing Sport University” in China and “Kyung Hee University” in Korea and "National Institute of Physical Education" in Mongolia under the Agreement of the Academic and Sports Exchange Program.

International Exchange Reception

112 young traditional arts performers from 5 countries in the Mekong area (Cambodia, Thailand, Viet Nam, Myanmar and Laos) visited NSSU in 2009. They observed classes in the Department of Martial Arts and experienced Japanese traditional dances.