Campus Information & Facilities
Campus Information & Facilities

Graduate School

Graduate School of Health and Sport Science

Master’s Program in Health and Sport Science ・ Doctoral Program in Health and Sport Science

The NSSU Graduate School provides higher sports science education. Students are expected to develop deeply into their science and apply the knowledge gained to promote research for improv-ing athletic performance.
The NSSU Graduate School also provides students with a high level of scholarship and the ability to do in-depth research so that they can contribute to sports culture and become valuable in many areas of society.

Master’s Program in Sport Coaching Science ・ Doctoral Program in Sport Coaching Science

The Department of Coaching studies, through advanced academic research on coaching studies, aims to train persons who suggest proposal methods and practice themselves.
Through these activities, we believe that we can contribute to the development of coaching science and friendship and goodwill of humanity.


Graduate School of Education

The Division of Training Science advances academic research by conducting in-depth studies of subject pedagogy and promoting research on practical education and teachers who are life-long learners.
It also aims to produce teachers who continuously try to improve their classroom teaching.
It intends to contribute to the establishment of new fields of subject pedagogy, each subject of which is distinctively unique but is based on the commonality for all the subjects and the promotion of friendship and goodwill among people around the world.


Graduate School of Medical and Health Science

The department aims to develop leaders in clinical settings who are well versed in modern medicine, have excellent problem-solving skills, safety management skills and communication skills applicable in treatment facilities, and possess advanced clinical techniques based on scientific grounds, in addition to judo therapy educators and researchers, and human resources with clinical skills based on advanced medical knowledge who are capable of prehospital emergency aid procedures and research and education in disaster medicine.


Graduate School Facilities

Study room

Study room



Weather chamber

Artificial climate room

Animal Room

Central Measurement Room

Study room This room is used for reading research materials and writing theses.
Seminar room This room is mainly used for lectures for graduate school students. This room may be used for research seminars conducted by research laboratories or seminars conducted by external lecturers.
MRI room This room is used for research purposes, mainly for non-invasive measurement of the shape of muscles or body compositions.
Artificial climate room This facility can be used to control the temperature and humidity for trials and experiments. There are two rooms provided. One is equipped with a built-in treadmill and can be used for experiments involving physical exercise, and the other is used for measurements of subjects in a resting state.
Biochemistry Experiment Room This room is used for biochemical testing of blood and composition, pathological testing, or genetic testing.
Animal Room Rats are used to analyze muscle contraction and other forms of movement.
Central Measurement Room This room is almost the same size as a mid-sized gymnasium. The room provides tartan track in the middle with a catwalk around the edge, and is used to perform various biomechanical tests. The room also provides a muscle strength dynamometer and other machines for various uses.
Sports counseling room This room is used for psychological tests.